3D Laser Engraving


Exclusive and valuable crystal gifts

2D or 3D laser engraving in a highest quality crystal with different sizes and shapes.

Photo crystals are made using a special laser that focuses its concentrated beams of light to a precise point below the surface of the crystal. Each bright point in the image is plotted in the final crystal piece.
The laser then focuses a high-powered beam on each three-dimensional coordinate. Once the beam reaches the focal point, the powerful laser pulse makes a tiny void or inclusion inside the crystal.
Then the laser moves to the next coordinate and makes another etched point. Finally, enough points are created to reproduce the design deep within the crystal


There is a wonderful unique process that converting your standard 2D photo into a 3D crystal. You can create gifts and awards which can last forever.

Your photo crystal image will never fade or change colour. 




You can choose crystals in many different sizes and shapes.

Choose between the following categories:

Valentine, Wedding, Family or Pets.